For convenience of voters around 5400 polling booths shifted to the ground floor

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Mumbai, 24.Sep.19: “Preparations of the assembly elections are in full swing in the state. About 5,400 polling booths which were on the first and second floor during Loksabha election, now have been brought to the ground floor. This will make it easier for the disabled and senior citizens to participate in voting”, informed Dilip Shinde, Additional Chief Election Officer.

He further stated that due to space constraints in Mumbai, Mumbai suburbs, Thane, Nashik, Pune, polling booths were set up on the first or second floor for the Lok Sabha elections. But now, around 5400 polling booths have been shifted to the ground floor to facilitate senior citizens and handicapped voters for the assembly polls. The polling booths have been set up on the first or second floor only where the facility of lift is available.

“There were 91,329 polling booths in the state during the assembly elections of 2014. Now, it has increased to 5,325 polling booths. Therefore, there are total 96,454 polling booths in this coming assembly election. There will be ramps, wheelchairs, drinking water facilities available for the people who will come to exercise their franchise”, said Mr. Shinde.

He further informed that this year, the Election Commission of India has announced the 'Accessible Election' (Sulabh Nivadnuka) phrase to increase the participation of voters with disabilities. This year 3, 60,885 disable voters have registered their name in voting list. For their convenience, ramps, wheelchairs would be provided at every polling booths.

कोणत्याही टिप्पण्‍या नाहीत

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